Romans 8 Outline

Brother Jon Cardwell’s outline for our expositional studies in Romans 8.

As we continue an expositional examination through Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, we have reached a very rich chapter in our study. There is so much that can be learned in this portion of Scripture that I thought it best if we had a very precise road map to get us through the text, otherwise, we might not ever get to Romans 9.  The more detailed outline of Romans 8 will follow a very brief outline of what we’ve already seen in chapters 1 though 7. I pray that you find this outline helpful in your studies. 

Romans 1           The DEPRAVITY of fallen man
Romans 2          The CERTAINTY of God’s judgment
Romans 3a       The CALAMITY of sinful man’s condition
Romans 3b       The BEAUTY of God’s grace in salvation
Romans 4          The REALITY of righteousness imputed by faith
Romans 5a       The CENTRALITY of justification by the Cross
Romans 5b       The ENORMITY of the truth of imputation 

As Romans 6-8 expresses God’s blessed plan in the sanctification of sinners saved by His amazing grace, we see the “Blessedness of the Bond Slave” as eternal truth that is broken down for our understanding in this way: 

Romans 6          SURRENDER as a Bond Slave
Not Under Bondage of Sin

Romans 7          STRUGGLE of the Bond Slave
Not Under Bondage of Law
Wrestlings, Wretchedness, & Reality of Mature Christians

Romans 8          SPIRITUAL VICTORY for the Bond Slave 

I.     “Walking After the Spirit”  Romans 8:1-10 

        vv1, 2  No Condemnation from Christ
        vv3, 4  Sin Condemned by Christ
        vv5-8  Carnality Offensive to Christ
        vv9-10  Christian’s Reality in Christ

II.   “Surrendering to the Spirit”  Romans 8:11-17 

        vv11-13  Perfect Logic of Sovereign Grace
        vv14, 15  Precious Adoption as Children of God
        vv16, 17  Powerful Privilege as Joint-heirs with Christ

III.  “Hoping in the Spirit”  Romans 8:18-27

        v18  Comparing Present Sufferings with Eternal Glory
        vv19-22  Creation’s Expectation of Eternal Glory
        vv23-25  Christian’s Ultimate Redemption in Eternal Glory
        vv26, 27  Counselor’s Assistance through Our Sufferings

IV.  “Trusting Upon the Spirit”  Romans 8:28-30
            aka ‘the Golden Chain of Redemption’       

  1. Foreknowledge
  2. Predestination
  3. Calling
  4. Justification
  5. Glorification  

V.    “Victory by the Spirit”  Romans 8:31-39 

        vv31, 32  O, Amazing Grace
        vv33, 34  An Awesome Advocate
        vv35-39  An Everlasting Love

If the Lord is willing, and He should tarry, we hope to look at the remainder of this wonderful New Testament epistle with the following broad overview: 

Romans 9          The Sovereignty of God
Romans 10        The Responsibility of Man
Romans 11         The Glory of God’s Grace
Romans 12        Transforming Love
Romans 13        Obedient Love
Romans 14        Love’s Liberty
Romans 15a     Love’s Unity
Romans 15b     Love’s Industry
Romans 16        Love’s Familiarity

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